Kinos Cryotherapy Tank

The Avantopool Cryotherapy Tank is a transportable cryotherapy basin, used for cold baths for muscle recovery and to limit inflammation in sports trauma, but also for hot baths for their relaxing effect.

    · Filtration is carried out using ozone processing and its maintenance is done simply by analyzing the water regularly

    · The use of a basin in a rehabilitation practice is regulated, and the Kinos' ease of maintenance complies with standards and guarantees hygienic conditions

   · Cold water immersion has proven its benefits in optimizing recovery, trauma, chronic pain, circulatory disorders, as well as post-effort (training, match, endurance, etc.)

  • Made in France Made in France
  • IPF-approved IPF-approved
  • 99,6% customer satisfaction 99,6% customer satisfaction

Dimensions : 120 x 79 x 105 cm


  • Touchscreen

  • Volume: 300 L

  • Temperature from 4 to 38 °C

  • Dimensions with ladder 154 × 113 × 122 cm

  • Supplied with 1 matching cover + 1 Ladder + Railings + 1 Filter

Weight: 140 kg                                 Warranty2 ans

Specification sheet Kinos Cryotherapy Tank


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