Racing Metro 92 - Gilbert Gascou, Personal Trainer

"The Pallini gear that I've been using for several years matches the expectations for top-level sport. The material's quality and strength, specificity, design, all the settings of a state-of-the-art material."


Crossfit Louviers - Gaëtan Tauvel, co-owner

"I'm Gaëtan Tauvel, co-owner and head coach at CrossFit Louviers

Pallini, for me, is above all the story of a man. Franck Collinot has values that I share, and he transmitted to me his passion for the weightlifting sport discipline. I then discovered the whole Pallini universe through my own training at his club in Trait. 

My associates and I founded CrossFit Louviers, and we wanted to support local makers. We wanted to offer our members top-range gear, well-known and recognized for decades within the weightlifting and powerlifting fields.  

Pallini has supplied us with barbells and weights, has installed our floor (40mm pads and wood platforms), built our cage -totally made to measure and painted with our corporate colours-, progressive and adapted to our building's structure. 

We offer the best possible experience to our members, and with Pallini we have peace of mind. The quality, strength, and usage span of the gear, the cage and the flooring, you can't take these lightly."


Studio Sport - Fred Mompo, Manager

"The selection of bodybuilding equipment is essential.

The Pallini range, certified, sets the standard; and their made-to-measure options take into account the bodybuilding professionals' expertise!"

And many others give their feedback...

Force Athlétique Caennaise (Powerlifting Caen)

"Our partnership with Pallini will soon reach 30 years! We place orders regularly, based on our needs. The material is sturdy, we renew our trust in Pallini every year. Their logistics are quick and efficient. Pallini's gear matches French sports well!"

Caen CHM - Joël Renouf, Sports Director

"In 1988 the Caen CHM opened a new 350m² hall in the Gymnase de la Madeleine, on rue du Désert, with two full-time sport coaches. In such facilities, it was obvious that equipment investment would become the main concern for the volunteers.

At the same time, the company Pallini was looking for a sports hall to test their weightlifting gear. With around 50 competitors, then 96, the Normandy company had knocked at the right door. 

With daily training sessions, the bellbars and discs endured high wear. After some unsuccessful try-outs (such as material-weakening dyes), the results of the improvements led to a great quality product. 

A breakage-free session at Caen CHM ensured the use of the equipment for 10 years. 

In the '90s, the club furnished the space for weight drops with landing pads, and saw the usage span of the weights increase to over 10 years, which makes it an ideal working gear."

FFHM - French Federation of Weightlifting and Bodybuilding - Guy Koller, President

"Pallini est un partenaire historique de la FFHM qui fournit depuis des années de nombreux clubs affiliés, pour leur plus grand plaisir."

FFA - Fédération Française D'Aviron (French Rowing Federation) - Sébastien Bell, Head Coach

"For several years now, the training structure for high-level rowing at Nancy exclusively uses Pallini equipment. Besides their attention to the team and their ability to adapt and customize their equipment to our discipline, their equipment is easy to use, sturdy, reliable, and focused on what's essential: performance.

The material is adapted to both starters and high-level performers.

Adaptability is an essential quality in the training of high-level athletes, and Pallini does high level.

For us, choosing Pallini is a syonym of customer satisfaction.