1 – The expertise

30 years of innovation, invention, improvement of our products, and tailor-made projects. At Pallini, we are producers since 1992 and have equipped thousands of sport clubs, weightlifting, bodybuilding halls, cross-fit boxes, and sport associations, as well as private customers and professional athletes. 

The manufacture of a calibrated weight plate with a drift of just 10g, the knurling of a barbell, the construction of machines or a squat stand… We are experts. 

We are the only French manufacturing company certified by the IPF (International Powerlifting Federation), proof of renowned quality and expertise.

Our products are used by the FFFORCE and the FFHM (French Federation of Weightlifting and Bodybuilding) for their competitions.

2 – French Quality

We believe that purchasing sports equipment is a long-term investment. It’s not disposable material. Our barbells, plates, squat stands, platforms, machines and other workout gear are made in France and submitted to constantly evolving quality controls. 

Our materials are carefully selected, machined and assembled for a production result that has been giving us our good reputation since 1992.

Our success has been built on the quality of our products; in other words, the care and perfect execution of each item. 

3 – The Support

Our mission is to allow you to best support the athletes by providing them high quality gear. 

Made-to-measure projects account for an important part of our produce, each project involving its specifications. Be it space limitations, difficult access through doors, or a challenged ceiling height, our tips will offer you the optimal technical solution, aligned with your needs.

At Pallini, your tailor-made project is examined by our Technical Department and by Franck Collinot, in order to guide you through its development and turnout. 

4 – The Warranty 

With products guaranteed for up to 10 years, Pallini offers you the certitude of a sturdy, durable equipment, that will not (or hardly) wear out and that, providing a sensible usage, will have a practically unlimited lifetime. 

Our quality policy allows us to commit to our most demanding customers, driven by satisfaction and long-term collaboration.

99.6% of our customers are satisfied with our products (quality and durability).

5 – The equipment of Champions

Our references are no secret: the INSEP, the CREPS, the French Republican Guard. The Ministry of Defence, as well as the weightlifting and powerlifting clubs where the top athletes have trained… Our end users are athletes, decorated champions, medallists, who are as rigorous with their gear as they are with themselves. Check their feedback here about their experience with Pallini products.

Using Pallini equipment, you choose the same as the highest-performing athletes in weightlifting, powerlifting, and Strongman; you choose the best, for your teams, your customers, or yourself.