These General Terms and Conditions of Purchase (GTC) are constituted by:

The company PALLINI APS, SARL with a capital of 340,000 euros, whose office's legal address is Zone Industrielle LES MALAQUIS 76580 LE TRAIT- FRANCE, registered in the Chamber of Commerce Register of ROUEN with the number 441 779 840 RCS. 

Intra-community VAT number: FR14 441 779 840 000 20



I / Article 1: Purpose

These Conditions aim to define the terms and conditions between PALLINI and the Customer for the sale of the products offered on the site. They regulate all the necessary steps for placing the order, and ensure the follow-up of this order by the contracting parties on the Site.

They also define the conditions of use of the Site by the Internet user.

The products and items offered for sale are described and displayed with the highest possible accuracy.

Photographs, drawings, videos, or other product presentations of any kind are only presentation suggestions that do not enter into the contractual frame in any way. Therefore, the responsibility of PALLINI can in no way be engaged.

II / Article 2: Fields of application

2.1 Definitions

Each of the following terms shall have the meaning given by the following definition:

   · "The Internet user": any natural person visiting the Site.

   · "The Customer": any natural person visiting and making a purchase on the Site for their personal use.

   · "The Site": the website

2.2 Enforceability of the GTC

These GTC apply to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions, and in particular those contained or referred to sales in retail stores or through other distribution and marketing channels.

These GTC are available at any time on the website, and will prevail over any other document, except by prior, express and written exemption from PALLINI.

PALLINI reserves the right to adapt or modify these GTC at any time. The aforementioned modifications are opposable to the Customer as of their online publishing, and cannot apply to the transactions previously concluded.

Each order placed on the Site is regulated by the GTCs applicable on the date of the order placement. Therefore, only the GTC in force at the time of the conclusion of the contract are opposable to the Customer.

2.3 Acceptance of the GTC

Prior to the conclusion of the sales contract, the Customer acknowledges having read, understood and accepted these General Conditions of Sale, which he/she confirms by checking the box "I have read and accept the general conditions of sale", at the time of ordering.

The Internet user accessing the Site accepts to respect these general terms and conditions, as well as the conditions of use here described.

2.4 Capacity

The Internet user and/or Customer declares to have the capacity to conclude this contract, inferring he/she has the legal age and is not under legal custody or tutorship, or that he/she has the express consent of his/her legal guardians.

2.5 Destination

To ensure the availability of its products to all its Customers, particularly during promotional offers, PALLINI reserves the right to refuse to honor all or part of an order deemed abnormal, particularly regarding the quantities of products usually ordered by the average consumer.

2.6 Territory

All product offers and delivery methods are valid for mainland France, Corsica, DOM-TOM, and foreign countries.

III / Article 3: Availability

The offers of products, articles or services are valid as long as the products are visible and availablle on the Site, and this is applicable within the limit of existing stock.

PALLINI checks the availability of the ordered product(s) and article(s) during the preparation of the order

In the event of temporary unavailability of a product, PALLINI commits, within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of the order validation:

   - either to send the Customer his order, after the deduction of unavailable items, specifying (where applicable) the additional delivery time for these items

   - or to cancel part of, or the whole order.

IV / Article 4: Order

Any order implies the acceptance of the prices as defined in the article "our prices", and the description of the products and articles available for sale on the Site.

4.1 Creation of a user account

Before being able to finalize his/her order, the Customer must create a user account. This account will allow him/her to make his/her purchases and monitor the progress of his/her orders.

The Customer must complete a mandatory form, specifically containing the following information: title, surname, first name, complete delivery address, e-mail, telephone number and password.

This information is necessary for the order to be registered and shipped.

If the Customer benefits from a special offer, he/she must necessarily, for the offer to be taken into account, enter the code assigned to him/her in the field provided for this purpose, it being understood that a promotional offer is only valid under the conditions described in it, and cannot be combined with any other current offer or promotion.

4.2 Order and order tracking

4.2.1 The steps of the order

The order is made in 5 stages: Validation of the basket, Identification of the Customer, Summary and Validation of the order by the Customer, Validation of the order by PALLINI, and Shipping of the order.

To track his/her order, the Customer identifies himself/herself on the Site by entering his/her identifiers (e-mail and password).

To place an order online, the Customer follows the following steps:

Step 1: Checkout validation

After clicking on the "Add to my basket" icon, the Internet user checks the specifics of his/her order (product, quantity, price, size, etc.) and can enter his/her possible offer code. Then, the Internet user validates the choice of product(s) or article(s) selected, by clicking on "validate my basket".

Step 2: Customer identification

The Customer identifies himself/herself: after having clicked on the “Add to my basket” icon, the Internet user checks the specifics of his/her order (product, quantity, price, size, etc.) and can enter his/her possible offer code. Then, the Internet user validates the choice of product(s) or article(s) selected, by clicking on "validate my basket", and entering the information related to his/her Customer account.

Step 3: Summary and validation of the order by the Customer

   a. The Customer fills in the information related to the delivery, in particular the delivery method and address.
   b. The Customer selects his/her method of payment.
   c. The Customer fills in his/her possible offer code.
   d. The Customer reads and accepts the GTC.
   e. The Customer validates his/her order, after having checked all the elements forming his/her order, by clicking on the "order with obligation to pay" button.

Once the order has been confirmed by the Customer, and the payment step has been validated, the Customer receives an informative registration email, detailing the whole order and stating that it has been properly recorded in PALLINI's system.

Step 4: Confirmation of the order by PALLINI

Following the first email, a second order validation email will be sent to the Customer. From then on, PALLINI prepares the shipment of the order.

Step 5: Sending the order

In the days following the validation of the order, and after its verification, the Customer receives an order summary e-mail stating that the package has been shipped.

4.2.2 Order tracking

At any given time, a Customer who has placed an order can check the information on the follow-up of his online order, by one of these means:

   - online on the PALLINI Site, in the section "My orders", within "My space"; or

   - by contacting PALLINI using the form provided for this purpose on the Site, in the "Contact" section; or

   - by phoning (+33) 235 05 35 35 (local call fees apply, if calling within France).

A copy of the Customer's invoice is enclosed in the parcel with the goods, and can be requested to PALLINI for one year after the order date.

   Important: the Customer must keep his/her invoice, as this is the only accepted, valid document in the event of an exchange or refund request.

By entering his/her e-mail address and password in his/her PALLINI account, the Customer can alsoo print his/her order invoice directly.

4.3 Invoice records

Invoices are filed in our server for a period of 10 years. At any given time, the Customer can access his/her order(s) details by connecting to his/her account, or by contacting PALLINI directly through the “Contact” section or by phone.

V / Article 5: Prices

The prices of products and articles on the Site are indicated in Euros and include all taxes in force on the day of the order. The prices are guaranteed, although under no circumstances can PALLINI be held liable for obvious typographical mistakes or entry errors.

PALLINI reserves the right to modify the prices at any time, but commits to apply the prices in force at the time of the validation of the order by the Customer.

VI/ Article 6 : Payment

The Customer has the option of paying for his/her purchases, made on the Site, either by PayPal® account or by bank check; any other means of payment are excluded. 

PALLINI has implemented the necessary technical means to secure orders and related payments made on the Site by the Customer.

6.1 Payment by bank check

6.1.1 Making the payment

Upon validating his/her order, the Customer selects the method of payment "by bank check", then must send the bank check by post to PALLINI (bank check payable to PALLINI, signed and dated by the Customer) to the following address:


   ZI les Malaquis


The check will be cashed on the day the package is shipped.

6.2 Payment by PayPal® account

6.2.1 Making the payment

When confirming his/her order, the Customer owning a PayPal® account enters their e-mail address linked to their PayPal® account and their PayPal password.

6.2.2 Payment security

PayPal encrypts all the information that the Customer has entered when he/she created his/her PayPal® account. Therefore, PALLINI does not receive any information from PayPal® other than the Customer's e-mail address.

Financial and personal information is automatically encrypted when sending any sensitive information to the PALLINI servers.

For more information on the security of the transactions carried out between PayPal® and the Customer's banking institution, PALLINI suggests the latter to contact said company.

6.3 Default of payment

PALLINI reserves the right to refuse to deliver or honor an order from a Customer who has not paid for all or part of a previous order.

In addition, in the event of default in payment occurring after delivery of the goods, PALLINI will send the Customer a request for immediate payment and reserves the right to assign its claim, or to be represented by any third party of its choice. PALLINI reserves the right to prosecute non-payment cases for scam or theft.

6.4 Miscellaneous

The maximum number of transactions authorized per day is 2. In the event of an entry error, and for security reasons, the Customer's possibility of payment with his/her means of payment is then blocked for 24 hours.

VII / Article 7: Delivery

7.1 Delivery options given to PALLINI Customers

All orders placed by our Customers are delivered to the address entered by the Customers when placing their orders on the Site.

It is possible for Customers residing in France to select one of the different delivery methods listed on the site.

7.2 Shipping costs

For each order, the Customer is asked for a fixed contribution to the delivery costs, except when he/she exceptionally benefits from free delivery under certain conditions. The amount of said contribution depends on the total amount of the order, the country of delivery, and the chosen shipping method.

The amount of the order means the combined value of the total amount of the items stipulated in the invoice.